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So! I got tired of posting my DND notes in two places and since the group would like them on Tumblr, that is where they are going (unfortunately). If you'd like to follow along (which would be cool) you can go to http://antipythionbrigade.tumblr.com/ to find it all. We have started a second campaign and at the time of this post one session from that is up (though I have a second one in my notebook just waiting to be typed up). Thank you for reading.
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This is the final battle - that because of an awesome diplomacy roll turns out to be more like the final cut-scene.

On to the Finale )

The last post of the first campaign is posted. Posts will slow down dramatically after this (about one a week) - mostly because we need to PLAY the sessions before I can type them up.
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Warning: this post contains references to some of the best video games of all time.

Where in the world is... )
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The introduction of a new character. And why being nice to people you want favours from is a good idea.

Never intimidate someone you want directions from )
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Siriusly. We are the antithises of stealth. Also there is a death (well there are a couple but only one that matters).

Stealth is for the weak )

And that is how we got ANOTHER new character on our journey (though we don't have him yet).
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The adventure of our new friends continues as they explore the world they have been dropped into.

City Kids + Wilderness = Fun Times )

(so sorry for missing a day, two days ago, and for the truncated post yesterday. I'm still getting used to the whole posting business and wasn't feeling 100% yesterday.)
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Finally posts 2 days in a row!

Surprise! )

Will the story ever be the same? Will our intrepid heroes save the day? Is there a day to save? Which day??
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Yay! I'm back! I was distracted for a while and then there was no DnD for a while so I ignored this but now I'm back and I have typed up all of the current sessions so there should be no more waiting. We finished our first campaign last Thursday so I wanted this types up before the next one started. And so, without further ado:

Jerkish Leprechons )

I also made a map of the town which is now part of Session 7's post.
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In this session we meet our new fourth adventurer and explore a creepy warehouse.

I'll be back )

Short but sweet.
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At this point in our campaign it was the week of Valentine's Day and our DM (who is also my brother) decided that it was time for a more light-hearted session. Also, because Clink was MIA and we did not have a suitable replacement yet, we only had three adventurers and therefore not even close to a full party. It was a very fun session.

Onwards to the festival of Hearts )

Map of Gethra )
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My plan is to post one session's worth of notes per day until I am caught up to where we are now. Just as a warning, me notes are not as nicely arranged as the previous bit. (I'm in no way implying that the previous post was an example of stellar writing) Mostly it is point form with lots of arrows and brackets. I understand what it means, I hope that my D&D party would as well, and I wish that anyone who might stumble upon and read these posts will find it at least somewhat entertaining. On the plus side it is good practice for taking notes during lectures.

The gate of Gethra draw near )
That's what happened that day. Though we did meet a leprechaun (dwarf wearing green) in the bar brawl (b/c they were 1 hit KOs and NO ONE could hit the guy) and back in Glorn (? the town we were kicked out of, I tried to intimidate a Bartender and failed.... also both bartenders were dwarves). Also of note is that the girl who played Clink had trouble actually appearing to play and so we had been dragging Clink's body around for a session or two already and now we've left here with Isaak. Not to worry though! In a session or two we get a new player and more fun is had.
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During the past year I have been involved in a D&D campaign. This was the first time I tried it and I have found it super fun! At one point in our journey I began taking notes and I have been told by my fellow adventurers that I should post them somewhere and since I hardly ever update I figured this would be the place to do it!

To the Dungeons (no Dragons as of Yet) )


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