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Dear Podficcer,

Thank you :)

You are the best!  I'm sure I'll love anything you make.  I have all the stuff about fandoms and pairings at the bottom in easy to read lists so skip to that if you want.  If you really just want to ignore most of this, please just go to my pinboard ( https://pinboard.in/u:opalsong ) and look for the [ extra:wishlist ] (without the brackets) tag (link: https://pinboard.in/u:opalsong/t:extra:wishList/).  All the stuff I really want a podfic of is there.  If you podfic something from that list I would be over the moon but don't feel like you need to.  There are many amazing fics out there that I haven't read.  Introduce me to something new!

Speaking of new things, I'm going to give crossovers their own section.  I love crossovers (and fusions) from the very bottom of my podfic-loving heart.  If you have the perfect fic and one of the fandoms is on the list and the other is not; that is totally okay.  Especially if you can link me to a primer or good wiki article.  and Hey! you might just get me into a new fandom.

Actually, if you are willing to wade through my pinboard account you can get a good idea of what I like and the broad spectrum of fandoms I'm in (though, just because I have a fandom tag for it does not necessarily mean I'm in that fandom.  See: love of crossovers).  My rating system is weird, I know, but crocodile and whale are the highest.  Also I have a [ extra:favorite ] tag (again, without the brackets) and that is exactly what it says, my favorite fics.  Don't feel like you need to do this though.  I just wanted to throw out the option in order to help you.  Feel free to ignore this whole paragraph.


I have no triggers, well unless you count horrible second hand embarrassment…

Squicks: I CANNOT STAND adultery/cheating/lying to a partner.  It is the one thing that I absolutely will not read about, won't even click on in a *what is this horrible train wreck/this concept looks intriguing* sort of way.  Otherwise, one of the only hardcore squicks I have is generation gap/huge age differences in pairings (included under this umbrella are things like student/teacher relationships, and parent/child incest).  Stories where one character bullies another and it isn't addressed (or is treated like they are friends or a couple) are actually boarderline triggery for me and a definite squick (thanks so much for that revelation My Hero Academia).  Fatshaming is also something to avoid.  If you’re going to do porn; I’m also not a fan of humiliation, watersports, or non-con.  Other than that, I can’t really think of any things (off the top of my head) that will make me avoid a fic out of hand.

Things I'm not super into: There isn't much that will make me avoid a story out of hand (and I've listed those things above) but there are a couple of things that I'm not super fond of.  I'm okay with angst as long as that isn't the point of the story.  I can't do unhappy endings, sorry.  Non-canonical major character death is generally a no-go for me (there are circumstances in which I can handle it but it is probably safer to avoid it). Domestic fic is just not my jam. Connected to that: Coffee-shop aus and really any mundane aus or rom-com fics are just not my thing.  (Highschool aus are cool though).

Things I Love
Crossovers.  But I've been over that.  I love people pushing norms (like genderswap, crossdressing, or an omega that acts like an alpha for example).  Also people pushing their boundaries or being pushed. Creature!fic (werewolfs, mermaids, sirens, moon spirits, someone being a magical creature) is amazing.  I love kid!fic, and people being awesome (secret badass fic is a perpetual fave), and soulbonding (and sentinel!aus), and people having to pretend to be in a relationship.  Also Fix-it fic - I love fic where it fixes things that are sad in canon.  I do also love dark!fic but this is trickier because I don't like depressive or overly angsty fic (a fic about ppl happily serial!killing is okay, a fic about how terrible someone's life is, is not.)  While I'm not a fan of time travel in general, I do love me some fix!it fic so if someone's using time travel to fix things I am 100% there for that, in the front row, with popcorn.  If we're talking porn: I love the use of sex toys.  Bondage and crossdessing are great, as is BDSM; however, all these come with the caveat of no humiliation which is sometimes hard to find.  If you podfic me a fic with orgasm denial (with the same caveat) I will love you forever.  Though, if you podfic me an awesome (and anything you do is going to be awesome!) G rated gen fic I'll also hold you forever fondly in my heart too, so there is that.

I don't focus on pairings so much as specific characters.  I've listed the characters I'm into for each fandom below along with people I'm cool seeing them paired with.  If you don't see your favourite rare-pairing for a character there but have the perfect fic it is probably cool! If you're worried, feel free to get someone else to ask me what I think about it on twitter.  I'm a super fan of threesomes/moresomes/polyamory so if you want to go there I'll be right there with you. I will eat it up with a spoon if you give me a crossover pairing.

Last note: I've said for a couple of things "ask me about it on twitter".  You can ask several ways: go through the mods, ask anonymously as a comment on this post, just flat out ask me a question on twitter (seriously, I probably won't even put it together if you're like "OMG YOU'RE INTO X! WHAT ARE YOUR OPINIONS ON Y"), or ask @ReenaJenkins or @RJCreighton & they can ask me in a duplicitous way and get you your answer.

On to the important stuff:

Love to Receive,

Trying something new with this section this year (mods, let me know if this doesn't work for you!).  Instead of pairings I'm going to put down characters that I'm interested in. Mostly when I'm in fandoms I'm pretty easy on pairings as long as they contain the character that I've latched on to in the fandom. I'll try to notate it like this: Harry Potter: Harry (gen, Draco, Twins, Ginny, NOT SNAPE). If I say anyone that means anyone within reason, rare pairs are welcome (Harry/Krum for instance) but random things like (Harry/Giant Squid) aren't.  I hope that makes sense. Feel free to get people to ask me for clarification if this is confusing.

: Gaara (gen, Lee, Naruto, rare pairs); Team 7 (gen, as a ship); Please no Iruka/Kakashi

One Piece: Strawhats (Gen, Character Pieces, Zoro/Sanji (please no Sanji stuff unless it pairs him with Zoro (can have more to the pairing too) and/or deals with his attitude towards women/trans/crossdressers), anything with Ace!Luffy is awesome, background Usopp/Kaya, if you can find a Robin/Jinbei I might actually swoon); Law (gen, Luffy, Zoro, possibly Kid (haven't really delved into that pairing so I have no real feelings on it. Go for it if you have one that will win me over :D), rare-pairs?); Bon Clay (gen); Ladies in general; Inuzuma (Ivan's sexswapping second in command. the one with scissor powers. gen or ship I really don't care.  I just want fic about them & gender (I read them as gender-fluid).)

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Iron Bull (anyone); Krem (gen, anyone); Dorian (Iron Bull); Cullen (Iron Bull); General Inquisition Gen fic

Game of Thrones: Sansa (gen, Oberyn/Ellaria, possibly Jon Snow, Margery Tyrell, Tyrion, No Sandor); Arya (gen, Gendry); General Stark kids; General Ladies of GoT/ASoIaF; ANY Cracky theories about prophesies/explanations for events/ASoIaF theories in general (If you recorded a bunch of these it would be just as amazing if not more than a coherent narrative)

Homestuck: Karkat (<>Gamzee, Dave, John, gen); Dave (Karkat, John, Terezi, gen); Ladies (anyone, gen, no Vriska)

Gundam Wing: Wufei (gen, Heero, Duo, Meiran); Relena (gen, rare-pairs, politics)

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ladies! (Shizuru is my fave, Botan is my least fave, they are all awesome!, gen, canon pairings, Shizuru/Sakyo - I am CONVINCED they are soulmates); Hiei (Kurama, gen, sibling fic); Yuusuke (Keiko, gen)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Ed (gen, Roy, Al); Ladies (gen, Winry, Hawkeye, Gracia focus, Gracia/Hughes)

Katekyou Hitman Reborn
: Tsuna (gen, everyone, Kyouko, His Guardians); Yamamoto (Tsuna, Hayato, Squalo/Xanxus - separately or together); Ladies (Anyone, gen or ship fic)

My Hero Academia: Midoriya (gen, Todoroki, (I love close canon aus where he remains quirkless but is a hero none the less), No Midoriya/Bakugo, Midoriya/Todoroki/Bakugo is okay if Bakugo isn't the focus & is getting rehabilitated); Ochako (gen, Asui, #UravityNumber1Hero); Any Female Classmate; (This is my most recent fandom and I'm only just getting into it at the moment so I'm not ready for non-close-canon aus yet. I also haven't decided if I'm going to spoil myself for future seasons yet. If you want to podfic in this fandom (YAY) & have a fic that includes events not yet covered by the anime maybe ask on twitter first?)

HunterXHunter: Killua (Gon, gen); Gon (Killua, gen)

Yuri!! on Ice: Yuri P. (gen, Otabek, him being disgusted at Victor and Yuuri, No instances of him fatshaming/calling Yuuri a pig)

Fairy Tail: ANYTHING (seriously, it can be super shitty and I'd still love it); I'd love a GEN focus but seriously I want good Fairy Tail fic and I'm not sure it exists.  I'm not sure what would happen if you podficced me something in this fandom but I can promise that my reaction will be priceless and over the top
Extra note: There is one Inuyasha fic in my [extra:wishlist] tag on my pinboard.  It has the only real Aromantic (not AroAce) representation I've ever come across in fandom.  I DESPERATELY want a podfic of it but there is one scene (the one in the church) that utterly squicks me so I can't do it myself.  I would ADORE a podfic of this (I'd just skip the church scene when listening) because it is so IMPORTANT to me. No worries if that isn't  your fandom or thing though!! I figured I'd throw it out there because if I didn't then no one would ever know.


Willing to Podfic

(Character focus of requested fic in the request above)

Dragon Age: Inquisition
One Piece
Final Fantasy 7 (Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Sephiroth)
Harry Potter (Harry, Draco, Hermione, Luna, Twins, probably others)
Avatar the Last Airbender (Sokka, Zuko, Toph)
Fullmetal Alchemist
DCU (Tim, Kon)
Fairy Tales (as in Princesses or other myth type things)
The Fast and the Furious series (Dom, Brian, Hobbs, Han, Giselle, Ramsey)
Leverage (OT3)
Katekyou Hitman Reborn
My Hero Academia
Yuri on Ice

Willing to Podfic if you really can't match me anywhere else OR need a pinch hit
Bandom (MCR, PatD, (if in dire need then FOB))
Avengers (Steve/Tony, Clint/Coulson, Pepper/Natasha)
American Idol (seasons 7, 8 or Adam Lambert fandom on his own)

Teen Wolf (Derek/Stiles, Stiles/Scott, Ladies)

Thank you again!!! You are awesome!!! (as are you Mods as well!)


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