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Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:25 pm
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The continuing education tax course I took today needed so much copy-editing.


Like seriously, I spent as much time unraveling terrible sentences as I did translating legalese into either English or math, and there is no universe in which I should be able to truthfully make that statement.

*headdesks ad infinitum*

That Time of Year

Oct. 23rd, 2017 05:32 pm
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My family and I went to Lakewood Cemetery on Sunday. It was a beautiful day, even if the wind was cold. We went to clean off Ella*'s grave and to enjoy the cemetery. It might seem a little weird, but when Shawn and I live in Uptown, Lakewood was a favorite place to stroll. This time when we were there, we saw two moms pushing their strollers through the cemetery. It really is like a park, especially since it has an actual lake in the center of it.

And there are geese:

geese among marble headstones

Shawn had brought along flowers to leave at Ella's grave. We had purchased a built-in vase, but it'd been quite a while since we'd last visited and it took some wedging and struggling to get it up out of the ground. It's hard to describe, but it's a self-contained thing, where there's a vase inside a metal sleeve that sits in upside down, until you twist it out and put it upright. The interior had gotten filled with quite a bit of dirt, but with the application of water I was able to loosen it enough to get it out. (There's a built in drainage hole, but that had also gotten a bit plugged with roots.) At any rate, that was quite the ordeal. We did get it working, though, so that's what's important.

We tend to think of Ella now, rather than on August 5, her death day, because she was conceived on Halloween. We know this for a fact, of course, because we did the artificial insemination at a clinic. (Not as much guess work that way!) We don't visit the grave annually, but every so often we get the urge.

Mason is never quite sure what to think about his sister that he never knew, I don't think, but we've always been upfront about who she was. Still, I know it's a bit weird for him to see his parents sad, and not have any sense of Ella. He mostly kept his distance, though he helped with the cleaning of the vase. Then, he and I wandered around looking at all the amazing graves. We played a little "game" of trying to find the earliest birth year on any of the headstones. We found someone born in 1773!

There's also just a ton of amazing stone work.

Celtic Cross gravestone bearing the name "Christian."

It was a lovely, contemplative time.

Of course, every time we go to Lakewood, we end up driving past our old duplex on Girard, and we have to remark on how much Uptown has changed in our absence. (A LOT!)

For any newcomers to my blog, Ella is my daughter. She was stillborn about 15 years ago (August 5, 2002). I have a bit of a memory page still up for her on my website, though it needs updating as, obviously, we did continue to try and now have Mason.

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I've been thinking off and on about this Tumblr post about clothing presentation styles, sorted by both gender impression and level of effort.

blather about my own clothing style )


There was no real point to any of that, but I wanted to get my thoughts down in writing so hopefully they will stop popping up distractingly at random moments. *wry*

Recent AO3 update: It's ANGST WEEK!

Oct. 22nd, 2017 03:22 pm
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I think I wrote one decent angst fics in each of the three fandoms I've written in, and I decided to post them the same week for...reasons. For me, it was interesting to compare the styles of each, for starters.

Flayed Horses (Gundam Wing, HeeroxWufei)
Wufei found Heero a few months after the war had ended and spent over a year helping him find that end of the war for himself. It was...a lot of work. There were still no go zones and things they could not do together as a couple, but a museum should be safe enough-

Wufei found Heero a few months after the war had ended.

The war had ended. Ended. Ended.

never ends never ends never ends never ends never ends never ends

Missing (Naruto, GaaraxLee)
'Missing in Action' they tell Gaara.

'Concrete proof of his death', 'absolutely certain', 'name added to the cenotaph', 'don't cling to false hope' and other irrelevant things are added. The first word is all that matters.

If Lee is dead, Gaara would surely feel it to the bottom of his soul because Lee is the better part of that soul. He's not dead, he's missing.

Gaara is going to find him.

Cold Dish (One Piece, Gen)
Take one blood-soaked tragedy
Baste in unfair odds and pepper with deceit
Break it apart and flambé the pieces
Pour into a crockpot and bring to a slow boil
Crack two shipmates and add one at a time
Blend well and leave to stew for a year

Makes one portion
Serve cold
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Today Miss Cactus introduced me to the pawpaw (Asimina triloba), the largest native North American fruit. They are apparently one of the rare temperate members of the Annonaceae, or custard apple, family; most of the related species are tropical. She has a pawpaw tree growing wild in her new backyard, and therefore has more fruit than she really knows what to do with right now. (Pawpaws don't keep or transport terribly well.)

The outside of a pawpaw fruit is sort of leathery yellow-green-brown with lots of brown spots. The inside is creamy yellow with huge black seeds, easily removed. The texture is a bit like avocado crossed with banana, ranging from relatively firm to very mooshy/squishy, and the flavor is... hmm... kind of like banana-pear with a hint of lemon, maybe? Or mango-guava-banana? Hard to describe, anyway. It's very sweet and gets cloying rather quickly; one fruit would probably be most people's limit.

It turns out that I am mildly allergic to raw pawpaws, but not terribly so -- a single Benadryl tablet was enough to mitigate the reaction, and I didn't start getting excessive phlegm/throat-closing issues until I'd eaten nearly a whole palm-sized fruit.

I don't particularly need to eat another pawpaw ever again, but I hear they make pretty good ice cream (which I would readily believe) and they can be subbed into almost any recipe in place of banana. Miss Cactus said she used a bunch in a banana bread recipe this week and it turned out well, so. :)

Meteor Chasing

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:18 pm
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These two nights will be the Orionid meteor shower (remnants of Hailey's comet!)  

Mason and I decided that one road trip was not enough, so we headed out at 1 am in search of a clear patch of sky. We drove in the direction of the Cherry Grove observatory that the Minnesota astonomers like, intending not to go all the way, per se, but to stop somewhere on Goodhue County Highway 1 to see what could be seen.  I didn't think we'd make it out of cloud cover, but somewhere around Canon Falls, MN, we started to see stars in the sky.  So, I drove a little further and we pulled off in a corn field.

We just got situated on the trunk of the car when, sure enough, we saw a bright light streak across the sky.  It was the only one we saw, however, because the wind picked up and the clouds rushed in. 

Still. Kind of a magical moment.

If it clears up, we're going to try again tonight.  
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Title: hush hush (we both can't fight it)
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] citadelofswords
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: the Penumbra Podcast
Pairings: Juno Steel/Peter Nureyev
Rating: teen and up
Summary: “You’re not telling me something, Juno,” Nureyev said. “And I don’t like it when people keep secrets from me.” “Pot,” Juno said, gesturing to Nureyev. “Kettle,” he said, gesturing to himself. “You don’t get to say anything to me about keeping secrets.” (or, five kisses Peter gave Juno in the wrong spots, and one time Juno corrected him.)
content notes: none
Length: 0:27:33
text at AO3

direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

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Title: A stillness full of lights
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] raven
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Imperial Radch
Pairings: Awn Elming/Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen but also gen
Rating: general audiences
Summary: A gift from Mercy of Kalr; or, a brief history of becoming.
content notes: none
Length: 0:13:30
text at AO3

direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

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Title: sometimes you roll the dice and get a hand full of cards
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ladyalysv
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: hockey rpf
Pairings: sidney crosby/evgeni malkin/alexander ovechkin
Rating: explicit
Summary: This is how Sidney Crosby ends up in Alex Ovechkin's living room, one wolf cub in his lap and another gnawing on his Reeboks.
content notes: none
Length: 0:26:43
text at AO3

direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

I'll be honest, I'm pretty fucking furious that the Pens went to the White House, and between that and many (many many) other things, I'm pretty much out of hockey rpf. But I had recorded this as a gift, and thought other peple might like it too.
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 We were supposed to head to Indiana this weekend, but we were derailed by Shawn's bad back. (She re-injured herself helping with the air-conditioning.  Ironically, I did ALL the heavy lifting, but last minute she decided to give the bed a tug... and that was all she wrote, as they say.)

Mason and I had  been itching for a road trip, regardless, so we pulled out our handy guide to random Minnesota Road Trips, Oddball Minnesota: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places.I picked something at random, an entry called: "Hitler's Handkerchief."  Apparently, in the Military Museum at Camp Ripley, there is, on display, a handkerchief supposedly once belonging to Hitler that was brought back as a war souvenir by a Minnesota soldier after World War II.  

Google maps led me to believe that Camp Ripley was only about an hour and a half or so out of town, so it sounded like a lark.  

It took us FOREVER to get there.  

Getting punchy, Mason took pictures out of the car window:

Central Minnesota landscape

You can see, at least, that it's a beautiful day.  Today, temps were up in the 70s F/ 21s C.  We stopped in Coon Rapids (a Saint Paul suburb/exo-suburb) at a Panera Breads for a spot of brunch and extra caffeine fortification for me. Turns out? I'm kind of cranky without enough caffeine. WHO KNEW? This is where I think we lost time, honestly. I wouldn't have thought it took us that long to find the Panera, but we were driving up and down Main Street a LOT.

At any rate, it was almost 1:00 pm by the time we finally hit Camp Ripley.  Camp Ripley is military base/training center and the museum was inside, so we had to drive through a checkpoint and show ID.  Shawn had warned us of this before we left, so I actually grabbed our passports. It's really the only picture ID Mason has, but, it turns out they didn't really care THAT much.  They just took my drivers license in and swiped it and waved Mason and I through.

We were issued a pass:

the pass that got us into Camp Ripley. Not very official looking, honestly.

Not very official looking, but there it is.  I also forgot to drop it into the box on the way out, so I guess I went rogue with this....

The guard told us to turn left at the tanks. For some reason, I wasn't entirely expecting THESE kinds of tanks:

military tank

The museum... well, was it worth the long drive?  The hanky was there, so I guess there was THAT. I did take a picture of it, but I decided against posting it on Facebook because: Nazis, you know?  I did take some pictures of the interior:

military uniform and museum display

There were a lot of displays like this one of the Viking Division of the Minnesota National Guard, with uniforms and other memorabilia.  It might have been more interesting if I had someone other than an Already-Bored-of-It teenager.  Mason was far more amused by the sign we saw on the way to the museum which read:

A sign proclaiming "You Can't Beat Rickey's Meat."

"You Can't Beat Rickey's Meat"---ah, teenagers.

On the way back, we saw a sign for 'pick your own' pumpkins and a Corn Maze.  Corn Mazes are such iconically Midwestern thing that we decided we HAD to stop.  It was actually quite a lot of fun.  I mean, really we just wandered around on dirt paths that had been trampled in the dry corn stalks, but... I dunno. It was a THING.  Kind of made the whole ridiculous road trip worthwhile.

enter sign at beginning of corn maze

Mason taller than the corn stalks

The funny part is that I *think* corn mazes are supposed to have the reputation of being scary.  This one wasn't.  I mean, it was BROAD daylight, so that was probably part of it. I suspect this could have been a little more spooky in the twilight, but also, as you can see from this picture--Mason is almost taller than the corn stalks. So, there was no real way we'd get lost.  Also, we're not two, so I suspect that's a big part of it.

We also picked our own pumpkin.

pumpkin patch

Still, all and all, this was a fun trip.  We didn't really do much except drive A LOT, but we always say: it's not the destination, it's the JOURNEY. Mason and I had a blast listening to crap country music, chatting, and giggling at various oddities along the road. Good times.

Though... I do think I will cross off "Hilter's Hanky" from my bucket list.  I may also attempt a lot more research before randomly choosing another site from the Oddball book.


a day of less argh :)

Oct. 18th, 2017 07:47 pm
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I triumphed over the never-ending stack of leases, after which it was a slow-ish day. I showed two apartments and I think some of the people who went on the tour will come in tomorrow to rent an apartment, so that's nice.

I also got a raise! Only a small one, but even so. And what's nicer is that it's retroactive to June 1 (because our owner is an organized human being, really, I swear...) so I have a paper check I get to cash tomorrow. Yay unexpected extra money!

In news from my other job, today I finished one of my two tax update courses, and have registered for three live in-person continuing education classes, one of which is tomorrow night. The other two are next week, and I need to ask Miss Cactus whether she's willing to swap my Tuesday shift for her shift on either Monday or Friday, since the courses all start at 6pm and I work until 7pm on Tuesdays. (Failing that, I will ask Mom Boss if I can leave early that day.)

Continuing education requirements for tax preparers are 18 credit hours per year, allocated as follows: 13 federal tax law, 2 ethics, and 3 tax updates. You can, of course, take more than the minimum. I have currently finished 2 credits of tax law and 2 credits of tax updates. The three live courses will knock off another 9 credits of tax law, I have the second 2 credit tax update course ready to do whenever (probably Friday or Saturday), and the ethics and another 2 credits of tax law won't be too hard to knock off.

Then, of course, there are the New York state requirements, but I will deal with those in November. :)

Cool Dreams

Oct. 18th, 2017 08:44 am
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 I had the coolest dream last night.  Or, rather, in the way of dreams, I had the coolest snippet of a dream that I remember.  

Do you ever have dreams where you're suddenly much more agile or strong, physically, than you are in real life?  I have these occasionally, and they're always incredibly memorable.  A lot of times I'm a thief, escaping somewhere or breaking into some upper story apartment, and I have this ability to be super agile and climb ANYTHING, almost like Spider-Man.  But, every once and a while I have super-strength. I still remember one about being a vampire at a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles, for my non-American friends, a genuinely frustratingly slow place) and just tossing furniture around, because I could.  

Last night I dreamed I was an anime character (Renji Abarai) who was challenged by some other guy (Ichigo? Dream set piece villain? ??) and I was maybe drunk, but I get up and go into this stance, and punch the guy hard enough to stagger him back with my right, and then left hook him hard enough he goes THROUGH THE WALL.


I love dreams like that. They're so empowering. And, while they're technically violent, they're usually not... angry or scary?  You know? This one very much felt like a demonstration of my abilities, rather than me responding to a threat.  One of the things good dream interpreters will ask you is: "Well, what was the main feeling of this dream?" The main feeling was: DAMN, IT IS GOOD TO BE BIG AND STRONG.

Then I woke up all small and fat and... ah well.

How about you? Any dreams like this?

wherein Liz has a day of argh

Oct. 17th, 2017 10:43 pm
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So my work day started with two tenants coming in to say they'd locked themselves out of their bathroom, continued through twenty million leases to process, and ended with another tenant coming in literally one minute before closing to say they thought they had to fill out a form, maybe...? which was actually three forms, one of which I had to generate specially and then highlight the relevant sections because nobody ever fills it out correctly otherwise. *headdesk*

I mean, at least I will get paid for the extra twenty minutes I stayed? But holy gods, argh argh and above all, argh.

(The bathroom, incidentally, was an easy fix. All it takes is a judiciously applied paperclip! But I had to go apply the fix in person because apparently tenants are bad at comprehending verbal explanations at 9am when they really need to pee. (To be fair, I probably would be as well.))


On the bright side, I got a two-hour tax continuing education course finished before Mom Boss dumped the never-ending leases on me, so that's something.


Oct. 17th, 2017 12:03 pm
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Holly_Poly Letter...

\o/ Poly \o/ I am pretty easy to please, I love characters falling in love, making mistakes, and getting though trouble together. A happy ending is an absolute must, but I don't mind if there are complications and angst along the way. I love all types of fanworks and am happy with all ratings, but particularly love fanworks that are character/relationship focused.

more info )
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I went on a veritable archiving frenzy over the weekend.

Duty and Bloodshed (One Piece, CP9)
Collected stories of CP9, loosely interconnected.

Includes the 'Yalta-verse' stories.

So far there's Dedication, Belling the Cat (aka, Lucci gets p0wned), and Hot Seat. There will be Cordially Invited, Yalta and Homework up by the end of the week too.

Break in the Routine (Naruto, KakaGai)
Kakashi had heard people complain about 'routine', calling it humdrum and boring. For Kakashi, routine meant that nobody was actively trying to kill him and there were no missions that day. Routine was good.

An implausible green and orange streak vaulted over the iron fence and darted off a cherry tree, causing a dramatic shower of petals around him as he hit the ground. Gai, showing up for his regular challenge. Yup, still routine...Until Gai told him what he was challenging Kakashi at this time.

Beautiful Symmetries (Gundam Wing, 1x2x5)
Neither the war nor Treize had had the decency to finish me off. Adrift without a battle or an enemy to fight, I may have made some, shall we say, ill-considered decisions. Fortunately I survived the Peace in much the same way I had survived the War. As a Preventer, I could still be useful, I could still fight for a good cause and justify my survival. Best of all, I could do so as a solo operative, an independence that suited my solitary nature down to the ground.

And then those two showed up in my life again, needing a partner.

It'd been a few months since my life had last gone to hell in a hand-basket. I guess I was past due.


And of course The Arrangement and Source of All Things are also still getting updated on a daily or weekly basis, respectively.

Monday, Full of Monday Things

Oct. 16th, 2017 09:51 am
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 Death by a thousand cuts?  Eh, probably not, but today didn't exactly start out as smoothly as I'd planned.  

We're getting geared up for a trip to visit the in-laws in Indiana and I had wanted to get the car checked over before we took it on the road.  I dropped everyone off as usual at work/school, and headed for Dave's Auto.  I asked them when they might have time for me, but, alas, it was not today. In fact, probably not until Wednesday, which I agreed to, forgetting that I had to work. It occurred to me half-way home, and when I reached for my cell phone to call them back to cancel, I realized that I'd forgotten my phone at home.  I gave up and got myself a conciliatory coffee at Cladaugh and then made my way back home.  

Having had planned to spend my day dealing with the car, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do, but--you know, it's not like there's a shortage of things to be done, so I'm currently sitting at the laundromat waiting on a final load of rag rugs to finish washing.  Then, I'm going to dash over to the Super Valu or whatever the gas station is across the way and vacuum out the car in prep for the trip.  

We're not even entirely sure we're going to do this trip, after all.  Yesterday wen we were pulling out the air-conditioner to take back up to the attic for the season, Shawn's back went out again. She's in the delicate phase, where she FEELS like she can do all the things, but one wrong move will set her all the way back. She did the ONE WRONG MOVE.  If she's not feeling better by tonight, we will likely cancel the trip because 10 hours in a car is _not good_ for the back.

Mason and I were sort of looking forward to the road trip, because ROAD TRIP! Plus, I was going to make a special effort this time to find postcards of Indiana to send to my various pen pals.  But, we might still be on--even though it will mean leaving without having a chance to have the car looked over. Fingers crossed for things to turn out for whatever is best.

Okay, I think that's my buzzer.  
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[personal profile] rosaxx50 said: I would love something for Karen & Foggy & Matt (or ot3!) + libel! Something about how vigilante/law/media deals with a case of libel in some way. (400 words exactly)

Note: Three months late, but look! I wrote a thing! :D Also, insofar as this has a canon setting, it's in a happy future sometime post-Defenders.

With Only Mild Complaining )

And now I will go eat lunch. :)

cat fight

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:03 pm
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I heard the most godawful noises coming from outside my window around 9:30pm, whereupon I went outside and discovered Wilson (my diagonal neighbors' cat) in a standoff on the porch railing with an unfamiliar tailless, all-black cat.

Wilson then dived off the railing and under Upstairs Neighbor E's bicycle, where he proceded to make continuous upset noises while the stranger prowled silently along the railing and scented my windowframe.

I attempted to see if Wilson wanted rescue, but he swiped at me. Then I attempted to shoo the stranger cat away, but it swiped at me in turn.

Wilson was very polite about the swiping -- soft paws, no claws. The stranger made me bleed in seven places.

I went inside to clean and disinfect my wounds, after which I returned to see if Wilson was feeling any better/safer. The stranger cat was gone, but Wilson was still on edge, and swiped at me even though I approached very slowly and never got within two feet of him. So I went back inside again and applied a bandaid to the one cut that hadn't stopped bleeding.

When I returned to the porch a third time, Wilson was once again feeling relaxed. He came into the foyer as I opened the door, meowed in greeting, and asked for petting. So I scratched behind his ears for a couple minutes, before he decided it was time to head upstairs and find his people.

I've heard similar noises from the porch occasionally over the past month, and now I wonder if this is an ongoing conflict between Wilson and the stranger...


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