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Dear Podficcer,

Thank you :)


You are the best!  I'm sure I'll love anything you make.  I have all the stuff about fandoms and pairings at the bottom in easy to read lists so skip to that if you want.  If you really just want to ignore most of this, please just go to my pinboard ( https://pinboard.in/u:opalsong ) and look for the [ extra:wishlist ] (without the brackets) tag (link: https://pinboard.in/u:opalsong/t:extra:wishList/).  All the stuff I really want a podfic of is there.  If you podfic something from that list I would be over the moon but don't feel like you need to.  There are many amazing fics out there that I haven't read.  Introduce me to something new if you want.

Speaking of new things, I'm going to give crossovers their own section.  I love crossovers (and fusions) from the very bottom of my podfic-loving heart.  If you have the perfect fic and one of the fandoms is on the list and the other is not; that is totally okay.  Especially if you can link me to a primer or good wiki article.  and Hey! you might just get me into a new fandom.

Actually, if you are willing to wade through my pinboard account you can get a good idea of what I like and the broad spectrum of fandoms I'm in (though, just because I have a fandom tag for it does not necessarily mean I'm in that fandom.  See: love of crossovers).  My rating system is weird, I know, but crocodile and whale are the highest.  Also I have a [ extra:favorite ] tag (again, without the brackets) and that is exactly what it says, my favorite fics.  Don't feel like you need to do this though.  I just wanted to throw out the option in order to help you.  Feel free to ignore this whole paragraph.


I have no triggers, well unless you count horrible second hand embarrassment…

Squicks: I CANNOT STAND adultery/cheating/lying to a partner.  It is the one thing that I absolutely will not read about, won't even click on in a *what is this horrible train wreck/this concept looks intriguing* sort of way.  Otherwise, one of the only hardcore squicks I have is generation gap/huge age differences in pairings (included under this umbrella are things like student/teacher relationships, and parent/child incest).  If you’re going to do porn; I’m also not a fan of humiliation, watersports, or non-con. (oh, also bestiality, considering I'm putting Teen Wolf as a fandom and those authors can write some weird stuff.  Not that I don't love lots of it.)  Other than that, I can’t really think of any things (off the top of my head) that will make me avoid a fic out of hand.

Things I Love
Crossovers.  But I've been over that.  I love people pushing norms (like genderswap, crossdressing, or an omega that acts like an alpha for example).  Also people pushing their boundaries or being pushed. Creature!fic (werewolfs, mermaids, sirens, moon spirits, someone being a magical creature) is amazing.  I love kid!fic, and people being awesome, and soulbonding (and sentinel!aus), and people having to pretend to be in a relationship.  Also Fix-it fic - I love fic where it fixes things that are sad in canon.  While I'm not a fan of time travel in general, I do love me some fix!it fic so if someone's using time travel to fix things I am 100% there for that, in the front row, with popcorn.  If we're talking porn: I love the use of sex toys.  Bondage and crossdessing are great, as is BDSM; however, all these come with the caveat of no humiliation which is sometimes hard to find.  If you podfic me a fic with orgasm denial (with the same caveat) I will love you forever.  Though, if you podfic me an awesome (and anything you do is going to be awesome!) G rated gen fic I'll also hold you forever fondly in my heart too, so there is that.

I've included my favorite pairings and other notes in brackets after the fandoms below.  I like to think I'm easy going and willing to be convinced.  I will eat it up with a spoon if you give me a crossover pairing.  I'm also a fan of threesomes/moresomes/polyamory so if you want to go there I'll be right there with you.

On to the important stuff:

Love to Receive,

Naruto (pretty much anything in this fandom. Gaara is my favourite, but I also like Team 7 trio, and Hinata/Naruto. But really? pretty much anything. (Iruka/Kakashi isn't my favourite though))

Dragon Age: Inquisition (specifically Inquisition NOT 2. Anything with Krem, Harding, and/or The Iron Bull. Dorian & Cullen in any combination with the previous)

Game of Thrones (GEN (though I'm not opposed to pairings), anything about Sansa,)(alternately ANY Cracky theories about prophesies/explanations for events/ASoIaF theories in general. If you recorded a bunch of these it would be just as amazing if not more than a coherent narrative)

Teen Wolf (Stiles/Derek, for that matter - Stiles/Anyone *except Peter (see age gap squick), or ladies - I love the Teen Wolf ladies.)

Homestuck (Karkat<>Gamzee, Karkat/Dave, Gamzee/Dave, John/Karkat, Dave/John, Ladies! (Basically, anyone EXCEPT Vriska) I’m willing to be convinced on almost anything), oh! And GEN)

Gundam Wing (pretty much any combination of Heero, Duo, and Wufei. Alternately, Relena fic focusing on politics)

Yu Yu Hakusho (Anything focusing on the ladies of the series (Botan is my least favourite, Shizuru is my most favourite), Keiko/Yuusuke, Hiei/Kurama)

(Kagome/InuYasha (seriously, I'm hardcore into this pairing right now.), OT4 (Kagome/InuYasha/Miroku/Sango), Please no Sesshomaru/Kagome or Sesshomaru/InuYasha (exception being the ONE K/S on my wishlist)

Fairy Tail (ANYTHING, I'd love a GEN focus but seriously I want good Fairy Tail fic and I'm not sure it exists.  I'm not sure what would happen if you podficced me something in this fandom but I can promise that my reaction will be priceless and over the top)


Willing to Podfic

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Teen Wolf
Final Fantasy 7
Bandom (MCR, PatD, (if in dire need then FOB)
American Idol (seasons 7, 8 or Adam Lambert fandom on his own)
Harry Potter
Avatar the Last Airbender
Fullmetal Alchemist
Kingdom Hearts
Any Tamora Pierce book (except the Beka Cooper trilogy)
DCU (though I mostly only know Tim/Kon)
Fairy Tales (as in Princesses or other myth type things)
The Fast and the Furious series
Young Justice
Avengers (Steve/Tony, Clint/Coulson, Pepper/Natasha)
Check Please!


Thank you again!!! You are awesome!!! (as are you Mods as well!)

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