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Syr and I were thinking about what to do for this year's [community profile] pod_together and remembered an in joke we've had for a while.  Then it kind of spiraled out of control and so WE NEED YOUR HELP to pull this off.

Syr is the writer on this project and I am the main podficcer (so editing, producing, etc.).  We need a couple of podficcers to fill out the speaking roles for this thing.

Rezo and Remiel's Trustworthy Adventures
Children's radio show.
Rezo is from the Slayers (2000's anime) and Remiel is from Tales of Symphonia (Game Cube RPG).  The joke is that they are NOT TRUSTWORTHY AT ALL.  In both source material the characters enter the story and act like everyone should trust them (Rezo is a great priest and Remiel is an "angel" of the primary religion) and the characters DO trust them.  But it is instantly obvious to the viewer/player that they are the most untrusworthy individual and also definitely a villain. (Spoiler: they both turn out to be villains. I know, shocking!)

We want to create a radio show "aimed at children" with these 2 as hosts.  I need someone to co-host with me (I'll play Rezo probably)

We want there to be 3-5 segments as part of it where other "trustworthy" guests share their knowledge. We have 2 segments that we want included (and need voices for) which I'll explain as examples but we are totally open to other characters. (only caveat is that Syr either has to know the character or will be able to research (see: experience source material) them easily)

Danzo (from Naruto): talks about your duty to the Municipal Government (includes things like Organ Harvesting)
Petyr Balish (from Game of Thrones): talks about being a small business owner

We are planning on making this pretty short; so time commitment will be pretty low.  I will do all the editing and effects work, you just need to provide your voice (and possibly a character you want to be and an idea for a segment for them)

TL;DR: Syr and I are making a cracky radio show and I need a co-host & some voices for other segments.

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