May. 30th, 2017

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Hey all,
I want to do a Pod_Together project but it is pretty specific and also really experimental. The focus is on memory and creation (I've included the basic instructions below). I'd LOVE if I could get some people together to do this. I've run this once before and the collection of finished works is up on AO3. Let me know if you are interested!

Please sit back and relax. This is one of a number of transmissions you will receive. You may read this as fast or as slow as you wish but please read it only once. Please do not take notes or talk about it on social media or record it while you read. This piece is about your memory as much as it is about my writing. However, it is not a memory test. Don’t memorize it word for word (unless you want to). What you choose to focus on and what you pass over and what your brain makes up to fill the gaps is as much a part of the story as the text itself. After reading you can choose when to record it. It can be immediately after, or you could wait several days, or you could wait until after the final transmission, or some combination, or something I have not thought of.


The transmission you are about to read is one of a number and may not be in chronological order (with the others or within itself). It may shift tense and point of view. The piece will build and reveal itself as the transmissions go on. Feel free to edit the final product as much (sound effects or music or whatever else you can imagine) or as little (raw recordings) as you want. Now please, sit back and enjoy:

EDIT: I've started to pull the group together. You can still join (up until the first transmission goes out) but we're going to be deciding on Fandom/Tropes soon so you may not be a part of that.

EDIT CONTINUED: Participants PLEASE get me your emails & twitter handles (even if you think I already have them)


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