Apr. 20th, 2016

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Title: Freeport
Author: Maldoror
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairings: Wufei/Duo
Rating: Explicit
Length (total): 25:33:30
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: Freeport colony: a notorious den of pirates, smugglers and thieves. Wufei persuades one of its denizens, his one-time ally Duo, to help him catch a killer hiding there. Agent Chang thinks he knows what to expect, from this case, from Freeport and from Duo Maxwell. He couldn't be more wrong.

Author's Note: I'm sticking very close to the series' timeline in this fic. There won't be too many spoilers as the action happens at a later date. But for those who have not seen the series and are relying on fanon, note that this means that Duo and Wufei have NOT spent all that much time together during the war, and no, the boys never found themselves playing 'house' in one of Quatre's legendary mansions for months, or all hiding out in the same school or anything. EW didn't happen though (I sometimes wish EW had never happened in the real world, either... )

Podbooks Links [length; size]:
Part 1 (1-12) [9:55:07; 281.1MB]
Part 2 (13-24) [7:22:06; 209.3MB]
Part 3 (25-35) [8:14:16; 234.1MB]

Individual Chapter Links )

Audiofic Archive link: Here

Music [in order of appearance]:
Shinjitsu wo Tsukamitore (Grasp the Truth) by Ishino Ryuuzou
Powerman 5000
Hunter by Bjork
Welcome to Tijuana by Manu Chao
Dirty Old Town by The Pogues
Singapore by Tom Waits
Malegria by Manu Chao
Makhnovtchina by Bérurier Noir
Navigator by The Pogues
Komakino by Joy Division
Danseuse de l'Orient by Beruriers Noirs
Colony by Joy Division
Minority by Green Day
La Complainte Du Partisan by Emmanuel d'Astier de La Vigerie
Rocket Tails by Kate Bush
Disgustipated by Tool
La Ventura by Mano Negra
Heart and Soul by Joy Division
Les Jours Tristes by Yann Tiersen
Means to an End by Joy Division
Marlène by Noirs Désirs
God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols
O'Malley's bar by Nick Cave
Fils de... by Beruriers Noirs
Give the Anarchist a Cigarette by Chumbawumba
Ashes in the Fall by Rage Against the Machine
Sometimes by Midnight Oil

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

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