Mar. 4th, 2016

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Title: Rubatosis
Author: callunavulgari
Readers: Opalsong & RsCreighton & SomethingIncorporeal
Fandom: Percy Jackson
Pairings: Nico/Percy/Annabeth
Rating: Explicit
Length: 3:29:02
Size: 191.6 MB
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: Two very different people fall in love with a boy called death. Finding each other is chance. Falling for each other isn’t. This is their story. (Or in which Nico is Death with a capital D, Annabeth is a serial killer, and Percy is the poor schmuck who falls for both of them.)

Links: mp3
Podbook [98.4 MB]
Archive Link

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!! and callunavulgari for blanket permission!

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Title: the broken lovers with the poison cup
Author: soapboxblues
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairings: Lyanna Stark/Jaime Lannister, Elia Martell/Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Connington/Ashara Dayne, Stannis Baratheon/Cersei Lannister, Robb Stark/Rhaenys Targaryen
Rating: Teen
Length: 1:46:05
Size: 97.4 MB
Music: The King's Arrival by Ramin Djawadi
Cover: Opalsong
Summary: men in studies – that is how the world is ruled. or four marriages designed to heal a country and one that nearly tears it all apart.

Companion piece to the ghosts won't matter cause we'll hide in sin

Links: mp3
Archive Link

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3


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